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Will Hibernation Kill Your SSD?

by Behrad

I love to put my laptop or PC in hibernation mode rather than shutting it down. While doing so a friend of mine saw this and mentioned that he actually never uses hibernation and that its bad for my SSD. But is it bad and will it kill my SSD?

As always with these discussions, you turn to Google and the guys at HowToGeek also wrote a blog about this topic not too long ago. In this post they explained in detail, with numbers obviously, the effect of hibernation on SSD’s and the result was shocking! 😉

The level of wear and tear on an SSD created by writing the hibernation file to the disk every day (or even multiple times per day) is so small that it’s inconsequential over the lifespan of the disk.


Even 10 years of use will hardly put a dent in the TBW. You’ll upgrade and replace your entire computer long before you even come close to exceeding the TBW rating.


So there you have it! It really doesn’t harm your SSD!

When hibernation is enabled on a Windows computer, the computer writes the current state to a file on the hard drive before shutting down.

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