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Why is Network Diagram Important to Network Engineers?

by Behrad

One of the tasks which I have at work is to document and create diagrams of how the network gear in my region are connected and work. This is something which is time consuming but a very important task to do so.

You need to be able to visualize the relationships and connection between the network devices in a very clear and interactive way. There are many benefits for creating a network diagram since this makes life much easier. Why?

Visible & Understandable;

When you have a diagram you can easily see all the network gear and how they’re connected. This will also help you understand the network and the dependencies of each device.

Easier to troubleshoot:

Since the devices are visualized very clearly, you can clear see how they’re connected and pinpoint the issue. This will save you a lot of time troubleshooting in case of an issue.


A network diagram also helps you to have a look if and when things needs to be expanded. I mean there will be a demand to expand your network. sometime due to growing of the business. This way you’re already prepared! 😉

Extra: Add config snippets

Something which is often used in the company is that we add config snippets for the most important parts and ports of the network.

Which software to use?

At work I always use Microsoft’s Visio Professional to create and edit the network diagrams. Off course there are many other software which can be used but Visio is my go to software.

So back to you… What’s your view on Network Diagrams? Which software do you use?

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