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Why I Don’t Post Often And How I should Change This!

by Behrad

It’s been a while since I actually wrote and posted something. While this is something which I like to do I never seem to find the time for it, but why is that?

So the other day I was following a training on Linkedin Learning titled: “Writing to be heard” as I wanted to learn a bit more how to write impactful letters / emails at work. Some of the key takeaways in this training which I actually wrote down were:

  • Keep a running list of topics to write about
  • Make writing a habit
  • Writing is a muscle (it might be perfect or not, just get it out there!)
  • Write to start a conversation

Although this might sound very basic and logic, it is something which I obviously don’t do! Why? I simply don’t follow any of those steps; I don’t have a list of topics to write about, I don’t have a writing habit, I don’t have any writing muscle and therefore “struggle” with finding the correct words and always feel that a post is simply not “perfect”. So I let it sit in my drafts to review, tweak, review and tweak some more and after a while I simply let it sit there forever!

Now you know why I don’t post often and how I should change this! 😉 So I’m starting things up again and let’s change things up and to do this correctly; Let me know know in the comments where I should write about. I mean I do need to keep a list of topics to write about, right? 😉

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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