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Sonos: The Audio Set-up I Never Knew I Needed

by Behrad

A couple of days ago I bought some Sonos speakers and I have to say… I absolutely love them!

Prior to purchasing them, I had a soundbar connected to my TV. So whenever I wanted to listen to music, I would either turned the soundbar’s Bluetooth on or use the YouTube Music app on the TV. While this works well and gives a decent sound, I didn’t listen to music that often downstairs. Occasionally, when playing a game on my PS4, I would miss having some background music. Truth to be told, this never bothered me nor was this ever an issue. That was until I saw how convenient the Sonos speakers were at my friend’s house. This got me hooked and I wanted to get one as well.

After researching the various models and reading reviews, I initially wanted to purchase the brand new ERA300 model, which is kind of a replacement for Play:3 speakers. However, the € 499 price tag was a bit too much to my taste and the older ones aren’t available any longer since they’re discontinued.

So my friend suggested that I check if I could find a used set, and luckily, I did. I found someone selling two Play:3 speakers for a very reasonable price of €175, and I decided to buy them.

Once I got home, I immediately connected and paired the speakers as a stereo set and put on some Pink Floyd. The sound was amazing! Since then, I find myself streaming music on these Play:3 speakers as soon as I’m downstairs. It’s moments like these that make me realize how much I was missing out on good speakers. Not only do they sound amazing, but having WiFi speakers is also very convenient. Perhaps not so surprisingly, listening to music helps me relax and clear my head, which, in turn, helps me to recover faster as well.

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