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Sonos Card: Elevate Your Sonos/Home Assistant Experience!

by Behrad

If you have been following along with the posts, you already know that I love Home Assistant and I love Sonos.

Recently I got 3x more Sonos Play:1 speakers from my cousin and I’ve now added them on several locations at home. Obviously I’ve integrated them in Home Assistant as well. After integrating them in Home Assistant, I missed some of the features which are offered in the official Sonos S2 App. While searching for a solution I came across “Custom Sonos Card” on Github.

Custom Sonos Card:

This custom Sonos Card is very handy and actually offers the things which I missed; now I can as group/un-group speakers directly in Home Assistant. Also I can control volumes, control multiple speakers and control individual volumes in a group, all from the Home Assistant Dashboard and without needing the Sonos App.


The installation of this custom card is very easy! Simply download the resources and add the custom card as a module in Home Assistant:

  - url: /local/custom-sonos-card.js?v=1.0
    type: module

Now, restart Home Assistant and chose the card. By default, all sections of the card is available and you can jump between them in the footer of the card. If you don’t want this, you can also select individual sections to your likes. For me, the default card with all of its options is sufficient to my needs but in case this might change, I know that there are plenty of options available! 😉

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