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Security: You can’t start with it soon enough!

by Behrad

In the world of tech, teaching our kids how to deal with security is not just a responsibility but a necessity, one which you can’t start with it soon enough!

Teaching our kids about security is not just about using the right tools, it’s about making sure that they have a correct mindset that values privacy and make them aware of the potential risks of the digital world. The way I see it: The earlier we start, the more this will become a habit.

So my daughter turned 12 a couple of weeks ago and as a present I gave her a HP ProBook laptop. This as she needs to go to secondary school in September and as I believe that she’s ready to have one. Obviously this was accompanied by a course on the importance of securing her digital life.

During the last couple of months we already had a lot of talk about privacy, security and other cyber security talks. Since she’s a bit curious about those topics she once asked me how many accounts I have online and how I can remember all of those passwords. After explaining that I use a Password manager, I started to think and realize that I should teach her how to use one as well!

Bitwarden for Beginners…

Since I knew what her present was going to be, I started preparing all the necessary things for the Bitwarden course. I’m already using Bitwarden and I want that she uses Bitwarden as well. At least for now, she can switch later to another one, haha! 😉

Anyway, after looking into way of how I would do this, I decided to create a create an Organization. By doing so I can control and guide her through the process now and also in the future.

Organizations could be a family, team, company or any group of people that requires secure shared data. Organizations have a unique view, the Admin Console, where administrators can manage the organization’s items and users, run reports, and configure organization settings:

After setting up the organization I went through the entire process of registering to Bitwarden with her as well as explaining all the necessary steps to her. I think we spend around 1 hour together on this important topic. It was fun to see that she actually liked this and got the hang of it very quickly! I loved it to see how she embraced the importance of having her passwords secure!

Start Early, Stay Secure

As I mentioned earlier, the journey to a secure digital future should begin at home and starts early. The journey of introducing my daughter to Bitwarden has not only been a lesson in password management but a step towards cultivating a mindset of digital responsibility. As parents, we should equip our kids with the tools and knowledge as early as possible! So start early, stay secure! So soon we I’ll dive with her on some other aspects of cyber security! 🙂

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