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Securing Accounts: Bitwarden To The Rescue!

by Behrad

I hate using the same password for different services/account, yet a lot of people still do this!

Yes, a lot of people and more than you can imagine, just like a close friend of mine… His troubles began with this classic mistake: Using the same password across different accounts.

A couple of days ago he started to notice some “strange” things and next thing he was logged out out of his Hotmail account as well as his Instagram account. Obviously he was in PANIC!!

Luckily he was able/quick and changed the passwords. He was wise enough to choose a new password this time but still he was worried and slightly in panic. This is when he asked me for help and that’s when Bitwarden steps in to the recure!

I’ve written about Bitwarden in the past and it’s perhaps my favorite password manager so I obviously had to introduce him to this password manager. After setting up Bitwarden, a short explanation on how it works and the possibilities, a new world opened up for him as this was a truly game changer for him! We went through all of his accounts and changed the bad, ugly and same password to strong and unique passwords generated by Bitwarden and securely stored them in Bitwarden as well.

He was simply amazed by the ease of using a password manager and the fact that all of his passwords were synced across devices! We went even a bit further and I also introduced him to the world of Multi-Factor-Authentication as well, so we turned his fear into empowerment!

So why am I sharing this story? It’s simply a reminder not to use one single password for all of your online account, but also to show how crucial password managers are in our digital lives! Don’t wait for trouble, take charge of your security and change your passwords to unique ones NOW! And while you’re at it as well, enable MFA on all of your accounts as a extra security layer!

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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