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Protect Your Identity with SimpleLogin!

by Behrad

Have you ever received an email and wondered how they got your email address? Usually this is due to a data breach on a webshop or service, but what can you do about it?

We use our email address a lot daily for a ton of services. Whether you’re shopping for some new cool gadget or you want to sign to a new service, your email address is always needed. But getting your personal email online, simply means loads of spam and possible hacks. Luckily there is a way to tackle this issue and get a better grip on your identity with SimpleLogin

What is SimpleLogin?

Simply put SimpleLogin is an email forwarding and aliasing service that helps its user protect their identity online. Instead of providing your personal email address for each new service, newsletter, webshop or whatever, you simple create a couple of aliases and use that for those services without revealing your actual email address. This means that you can keep your personal email address private and only share the aliases.

Why is SimpleLogin great?

Just recently I wanted to request some quotes for a project at home. Since I didn’t want to provide my full details in the very early stage of the project. I simply wanted to get a grip on the prices and the possible options without revealing too much. So I created an alias which I’ve used. This way I get the quotes which I want and I don’t need to think about how they companies would handle my details. However I’ve also aliases for my newsletters, some not so important services / online shops and more. This way, all information is forwarded to my personal inbox through SimpleLogin.

Is it Safe?

SimpleLogin is an OpenSource platform and powered by Proton. Yes the same well-respected company behind privacy-focused ProtonMail.

What does it cost?

Although there is a premium plan available, you get a long way with the free plan. The free plan offers you 10 aliases with unlimited Reply/Send emails beng forwarded to 1 mailbox with options to secure your account using 2FA as well as usage of it’s App and Browser extensions.

Yes, the premium plans offers you some more options but personally I find it a bit expensive for what you’ll get. And as mentioned, the free plan will get you a long way.

How to Set-up?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be offered the Premium plan for free for the length of 7 days. By default an alias is created for your newsletter signups but after this, you can create your aliases as required. Luckily SimpleLogin offers you very clear instructions on how to set-up and use its services. There are a lot of option to explore so make sure you go through them all within the first 7 days. This way you also get to decide whether the premium plan is an option for you or not.


Whether you’re concerned about spam, phishing attempts, or data privacy, SimpleLogin has the tools and features you need to stay safe online. Try it out and see how it can improve your email experience.

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