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Microposts: A Little Explanation

by Behrad

Back in 2021, I created a new category called “Microposts” but I haven’t used it often. However, this is about to change, and I plan to use it more frequently from now on. Here’s why.

The term “microposts” refers to short and concise messages that are typically posted on social media platforms or microblogging sites. You may be wondering why I would need this category on my blog. The answer, at least to me, is logical.

While I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts, coming up with new topics and crafting new blog posts can be time-consuming. That’s why I decided to create a new category called “Microposts.” This allows me to share whatever I feel is worth sharing without the need to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Essentially, the posts in this category will contain a link, video, code snippet, news item, or a couple of sentences from me.

You’ll easily recognize these posts because they’re short, posted in the “Microposts” category, and have a specific banner attached to them. At the moment, I don’t know how many posts will be in this category, but it’s all an experiment to see how things go.

I hope you find this new category useful and enjoyable. Thanks for reading!

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