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IT-Tools: The Ultimate Toolkit for IT Professionals & Developers

by Behrad

The other day I discovered IT-Tools which I liked very much and wanted to share with you as well.

IT-Tools is the ultimate open-source toolkit for IT professionals, System Admins and developers. IT-Tools provides an extensive collection of scripts and tools that cover a wide rage functions, from encrypting/decrypting text to converting JSON to YAML, calculating IPv4, and generating QR codes.

Although it’s available online, you can also self-host the tools yourself as well. Setting up IT-Tools is very easy! Simply use Portainer, create a stack and use the Docker Compose below.

version: '3.9'
        image: 'corentinth/it-tools:latest'
            - '5555:80'
        restart: unless-stopped
        container_name: IT-Tools

I love it that you can self-host these tools on your home lab. I’m running this on my Raspberry Pi 4b but you can also run this perfectly from your Synology as well.

Another thing which makes IT-Tools even better is that the tools are well maintained and constantly updated. You can even submit a feature request if you actually miss a tool! How cool is that?

While this post doesn’t cover all the tools and scripts, I believe that IT-Tools is an ultimate toolkit which can be very handy! So give it a try and you’ll see why I love it!

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