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How To Update HPE OneView

by Behrad

As you know, updating and patching the servers is a must. Not only the OS itself needs to be patched but also the hardware.

So at work I recently patched our servers with the recent HPE SPP (Service Pack for ProLiant) release. This went just without any issues but once I logged into our OneView I noticed a strange error.

The error, see here below, was in the “locked” state and present on 3 different GEN10 servers. After following some troubleshooting steps and ensuring that I didn’t made any mistakes; Rebooting the server, downloading the same SPP file and re-applying the SPP file the issue remained, I decided to create a ticket with HPE.

Unable to discover network adapter information because the data returned from the management processor was not as expected.

After creating a ticket with HPE, they asked me to check the current OneView version and see if it was below version 6.0. If so, then I should update it. As it seems they fixed this issue as of version 6.0, see here for their advisory article.

After checking I noticed that indeed I was running version 5.5 and decided to upgrade the appliance to version 6.4. Yes, I know that the latest version has been released last month but when it comes to my production servers, I never go for the latest version to avoid dealing with issues. So I always go for one version lower then the latest release.

RTM: Read The Manual

It always starts with reading the manual and first understand what needs to be done. Here I noticed that I needed to upgrade this in 3 steps; First update to 6.0, then to 6.3 and finally to 6.4. (Yes, I know that I could have deployed the .ova (Open Virtualization Format) file in one go, but where is the fun in that? And I needed the screenshots for this post! 😉 No, just kidding, I wanted to follow the steps from HPE and work step by step on this.

So after reading the manual, it was clear that I needed 3 .bin files; 6.0, 6.3 and 6.4. The .bin files can be found here. Download the versions as required and save them for later.

Backup Your Current Installation

As always, when upgrading anything, make sure that you have a backup at hand. In my case I also took a clone of the VM, but you can also create a back from OneView. Simply login, Click on Settings -> Backup -> Click on the Create A Backup link and chose for Download backup in the browser and hit Ok. The file will be created and can be downloaded.

OneView Backup Screen

Update The OneView Appliance

Assuming that the .bin files have been downloaded already and now we have a backup, we can continue safely. Go to Settings -> Appliance -> Update Appliance.

Now select the .bin file that you’ve just downloaded and upload it. If you are on-prem or using a management server then this should be done within seconds. After the upload you’ll get the screen below where you need to check the box and hit the Update button.

Now the update process will start and you’ll be kept updated on the screen. This will take approx. 30 – 45 minutes and after that you’ll be redirected back to the Settings page.

To wrap up;

As you can see updating the OneView appliance is quite straight forward and very easy to do. Just make sure that you have a backup ready at hand just in case things go wrong! 🙂

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