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Authy: A Great Two Factor Authentication App

by Behrad

Have you heard of 2FA, which stands for Two Factor Authentication? This is something which you should have enabled on each of your accounts online.

Before we dive into this post, let’s talk about 2FA first; to put it very blunt and easy: this is an extra layer of security on your accounts next to your username and password. So when you want to login to, let’s say Gmail, you not only need your username and password, but also a third security measurement such as a code which changes every 30 seconds.

These codes, also called Tokens, are generated through an app. While all of the available Authenticator apps offer the same basic, yet there are some difference between the applications and their featured. I’ve tried many Authenticator apps before, I love Authy the most.

Authy Authenticator

Since I use multiple devices throughout the day, I don’t want to stick to only 1 device when it comes to my Authenticator app. With Authy all of the tokes can be synced through your account on multiple devices out of the box. You simply log into your account on another device and there you have it, all of your tokens in front of you.

All of your tokens are stored in a secure app which you can protect using biometric lock (Face, finger scan) or with a PIN code. You’re tokens are encrypted and can only be accessed using a password only you know (and must not forget! I also use the backup feature in the app; This will encrypt the 2FA data and send it to Authy’s cloud without storing passwords with them. In case you’re wondering how Authy 2FA backups work, click here…

Where To Download?

One of the reasons why I love Authy is the fact that it’s available on multiple platforms. However at the time of writing this article I noticed that End-of-Life of the Authy Desktop apps has been announced as of 19th March 2024. Which this is a very unfortunate news for me, since I have the Authy Desktop app installed on some Windows laptops! It’s not a very bad news, since I can live with that but having a desktop app was very convenient.

Anyway, you still can download their mobile apps from the Google Play Store of Apple AppStore without any issues.

Wrap up:

Since we do a lot online, security has become very important and you should try to secure any of your account as much as possible. Enabling 2FA on your account is a necessary step! As mentioned, there are a lot of Authenticator apps available, (Perhaps I’ll write some more post about the ones I’ve used!), Authy is one of them and for the preferred one to use! Give Authy and try it out yourself!

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