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Advanced IP Scanner: Your Ultimate Network Scanning Tool

by Behrad

If you would ask me: What is the first tool which you install on your (work) laptop? Then the answer would be: Advanced IP Scanner.

Advanced IP Scanner is a free software which is a must-have for network admins, IT professionals, and anyone who needs to analyze their network. It saves time and effort to discover and manage network devices. It also offers you functionality to ping an IP, perform a Tracert or connect with Telnet/SSH.

What is Advanced IP Scanner and How to use it?

As already mentioned Advanced IP Scanner is a reliable and free network scanner tool. The program allows you to scan your network and discover all connected devices. Since it scans for open ports and services, you can also use it to see device information, access it’s shared folders, and even lets you remotely control certain devices.

Using the application is really simple! First you give in your network range and simply hit “Scan” button. It will then do its magic and present you with a list of devices. When you want to make use of the Tools, simply select a device, right click and use the tools to Ping an IP, RDP, or Wake-On-LAN. (The latest one is off course only if your device supports it AND you have the premission to do so!)

Where to Download Advanced IP Scanner?

Simply head to Advanced IP Scanner, hit the download button and install it. It’s also offered as a portable edition, so there is even not a need to install it! 😉

On their website they say “It should be the first choice for every network admin” and for me, that’s definitely true and the case!

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